About Afari Digital

Learn about our outstanding and exclusive Web development and digital marketing services.

A Team of Enthusiastic & Creative Minds

Afari digital was set up not purposefully to make profit but to give companies, individual startups and the whole business environment an enabling atmosphere to thrive and be able to withstand international competition.

We want to assist companies and individual startups to be able to formulate an array of results-driven business strategies.

Afari digital wants to assist already established companies and individuals to create a relevant and endless Revenue generation and user engagement plans to help sustain their business even in the long run.

One of the key things in digital marketing and the business field that struck us was the fact that companies and individual startups find it a challenge to metrics their growth as they proceed. We have make it a duty to create a vehicle to assist all business in Charting company growth via our new metrics development.

As part of our mission to become one of the leading digital business consultancies, Afari digital wants to establish a strong foothold in the Business industry to serve as a flying skate to other business for relavant and consistent profitable growth.

Expertise in Diverse Business fields

Flawless Incorporation

We help you structure a smooth Digital business plan for your business.

Seamless Management

Move smoothly towards your goal with us, we have you in mind with our well strategized business managerial skills.

Business Growth

For proper and flawless business growth, we are the best. We help you draft the appropriate digital business plan to skyrocket your business.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective form of marketing companies and individual start ups can strongly rely on to build a strong connection with their customers and most vitally identify new clients to market to.

Social Media Marketing

To have an effective interaction with customers, social media marketing is the appropriate tool to use. However, to achieve maximum results and growth you need to get the right agency to help you kill the job and make maximum results.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is a process where brands are allowed to place their product and services to a targeted audience either through paid ads or organic posts on Facebook. This also means creating and actively using a Facebook page as a communications channel to maintain contact with and attract customers.

Social Analytics

This is the analyzation of raw data generated from a social media post and interpreting it to make meanings and to inform decisions on drawing better conclusions about that information. This helps businesses to know their type of audience and the state of their business.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram marketing is a channel through which brands place their products or services in front of their target audience using paid advertisement or organic reach. To get real results on Instagram you need to constantly post relevant photos and videos and strategize properly.

Youtube Marketing

Youtube marketing is simply promoting a product or service to a particular set of audiences using the  youtube advertising option which is also known as google ads. This is a video sharing and streaming platform where ads are shown to audience in the process of streaming a particular video.

Commonly Asked Questions

Our methodical approach is focused on revealing the essence of great web design and digital marketing

Afari digital is a certified-Professional digital marketer and a web designer from Ghana seeking to partner with companies and individual startups to expand their revenue catch-net.

It will take us 5-7 days to design a fully functioning professional website to suit your business or capture your imagination. however, if the project is intensive, we will require additional 5-days to complete it successfully.

It will take Afari digital 3-5 days to draft a results-driven digital marketing plan or a social media marketing plan. Before we draft a strategy, we first understand the company’s product or service and know how they operate etc.